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What are some of the church’s top leaders saying about Life Verse?

This book is a masterful study of important but neglected subject: the importance of the “Life Verse” in the Christian life. My heart “Burned within me” as I moved from chapter to chapter. I wish I had read a book like this decades ago. It’s a remarkable blending of biblical truth and practical counsel. Young believers and veteran Christians will both benefit from reading this book. May the Lord use this book to help revive His needy church! Bless you for writing it! I got so caught up in the book that I read it in one sitting!


Warren W. Wiersbe

Former Pastor of Moody Church

Author of the “Be Series” of Bible Studies



Dave has been a friend for years and one of the most effective communicators I know. He’s passionate, creative, direct and hilarious. Dave has a unique way of helping you understand complex   biblical truths in simple, digestible way. In this important book, Dave will guide you prayerfully toward selecting a verse from the Bible to help guide your decisions, direct your path, and define    your future.  My life verse is Acts 20:24

Craig Groeschel

Lead Pastor




David Edwards is one of the best teachers I know. He has mastered the art of bringing the word alive in an engaging way that offers practical solutions for everyday living. “LIFE VERSE” is a wonderful approach to the personal application of God’s promises for your life. Transformation is inevitable.


Michelle McKinney Hammond

Author of Right Attitudes for Right Living



One word from God can make all the difference. Perhaps this is nowhere more true than when God uses one passage of Scripture to direct and guide our lives. In these pages David Edwards helps you discover your life verse as well as encouragement and hope for your future.

Isaiah 43:1-4


Margaret Feinberg

Author of Fight With Joy




The Scriptures have inspired some of the greatest verses of my life and music. Dave and I have been friends for a long time, he and his book are for real. Dave’s writing is easy to follow, friendly, compassionate, engaging and motivating, his stories are great and I always enjoy his humor. Life Verse is a clever creative yet practical book. It unlocks the value of finding your story in God’s Story. This book will help you discover your life verse.


Bart Millard

Lead singer MERCY ME




For some time, David Edwards has been one of my favorite speakers and writers. His newest book LIFE VERSE is like a bolt of lightning. It heightens your senses, illuminates the darkness, and changes the situation. In this day and age of noise and chatter it is imperative that we all discover and share our story. This is what makes you, you. Life Verse uses the grid of Scripture to help us clarify and redefine who we really are. My life verse is Matthew 6:33. This book is a must read for all of those serious about impacting this generation.


Dr. Jay Strack

President and Founder of Student Leadership University



My life verse is Proverbs 20:7. This verse has been a challenge and a promise for me.  In the pulpit or on the page David Edwards is one of the most effective communicators I know. David’s practical, biblically grounded wisdom and personal example will help you discover the power of scripture in your story as well your life verse will adjust the way you see yourself and the world around you. Read this book it will lift you up.


Dr. Johnny M. Hunt

Senior Pastor First Baptist Woodstock

Woodstock, GA



My friend David Edwards has served us well with this book. In a style all his own, he takes some ancient practices that have shaped the lives of Jesus’s followers for centuries and brings a freshness of language and insight to them. David acts as a wise guide n this journey of interacting with the truth of the Scriptures so that we don’t miss the point- and that is to see, know and love God. My life verse is Timothy 1:15-16 (NIV).


Jerry Gillis

Lead Pastor The Chapel

Getzville, NY



David Edwards knows the best story is the one whose life is contained in God’s story. Life Verse helps you discover the landmark to your own spiritual story. As you embark on the journey of looking for your life verse, David helps you mine for gold in finding your spiritual treasure. I wish I would have had this book 40 years ago when I was digging for my life verse. David’s right- there is power in scripture in your story. My life verse has been John 3:30.


Ken Whitten

Senior Pastor Idlewild Baptist Church

Luz, FL




In Life Verse, as he has done throughout his ministry, David Edwards has focused the spotlight on the absolute necessity of absorbing the Word of God into your life. This book will be  a tool in changing your perspective, your attitude and your life as it equips you to address every situation, with scripture and to unite your pursuits, with God’s direction. My life verse is Romans 1:16.


Alex Himaya,

Lead Pastor

Broken Arrow, OK




I’ve known David Edwards a long time. The people described in this book achieved their potential as they found their life verse! You can be one of those people, if you read and apply the great insight found in these pages. David has helped me and he will do the same for you. God has a life verse for you. Happy hunting as you read” Life Verse”, you’ll never be the same.


DR. Chris Stevens,

Lead Pastor Faith Promise Church,

Knoxville, TN